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Insurance Companies in Noncompliance with the ACA

National Women’s Law Center released a report last week showing that 15 states have various insurance companies that are violating the terms of the ACA. These violations are involving “maternity care, birth control, breast-feeding support and supplies, genetic testing, well-woman visits, prescription drug coverage, care related to gender transition for transgender individuals, chronic pain treatment, and certain pre-existing conditions.”

Unfortunately, Wisconsin is one of these 15 states. These violations happening in our own state directly affect the women and families and their health. The ACA has made great strides in order to ensure all people have access to health insurance while also ensuring protection and rights for those with health insurance.  Yet unless the insurance companies providing coverage are fully complying with the law, people will continue to be denied access to the services they need and deserve.

Be an empowered consumer and consider taking time to investigate whether your insurer may be one of those not in compliance with the ACA.  You deserve to know and you deserve the coverage you’re entitled to under the law.

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Becky Swearingen

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