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ACA: Basics

Happy Birthday, Affordable Care Act!

Today the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health celebrated the one year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) at the State Capital. Hosted by State Representative Jon Richards, the party was held in the Assembly parlor, where one-year-old babies joined legislators and a large cake to celebrate the accomplishments of health care reform.

Robert Craig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Representative Richards and State Senator Mark Miller, welcomed everyone and reminded us that we joined together to celebrate life-saving benefits, cost-savings, and protections that are already making a difference in the lives of Wisconsinites. The one-year-old babies represented a first year of success for the law, as well as the potential. These babies were born into a world where they cannot be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition, or exclude their condition from coverage.

Sara Finger, Director of the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health, spoke about the benefits of this law to women and their families. The Affordable Care Act:

  • Ends insurance company abuses on women – no longer allowing women to be charge higher premiums then men and no longer having women denied health care coverage due to pre-existing conditions such as domestic violence or C-Sections
  • Provides security for essential health care such as maternity care
  • Ends co-pays and other expenses for preventive services, such as mammograms, new baby care and well-child visits
  • Gives women the freedom to choose their own doctor and eliminates barriers for women and to see OB/GYNS
  • Ends lifetime limits on health care and bans insurers from denying care to children because of pre-existing condition.

See Sara’s statement here.

Emily Gordon, an intern at the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health, spoke about the difference one particular provision of the Affordable Care Act – ensuring that young people can stay on their parents insurance until their 26th birthday – is positively affecting her life. In May, she will graduate from college, and enter a difficult job market. However, Emily has some security, knowing that her health needs will continue to be covered, until she finds a great job with employer sponsored benefits of her own.  View Emily’s statement here.

Overall, the party was a great success – also present to support the Affordable Care Act were State Representative Kelda Helen Roys and State Representative Brett Hulsey, along with many other supporters, one-year-olds and parents.

We celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, and wish it many more!

Capital Times Report on Party



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