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ACA in Wisconsin

WAWH Releases Principles on Health Insurance Exchange

The Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health believes that one of the most effective ways we can work for full implementation of the ACA is through the creation of a quality Wisconsin Health Insurance Exchange.

The exchange will create a one-stop shopping center, essentially an online travel search engine, where families can purchase health insurance in an easy, understandable way – where apples are comparable to apples.  Not only this, but the Health Insurance Exchange gives each family the buying power of thousands of families; no longer will a single mother of three supporting her family on one paycheck be left alone to vie for herself against the giant health care industry.  Despite all of this potential, unless Wisconsin works diligently to create an Exchange with specific structures and accountability measures in place to support the needs of women and families, the Exchange may not live up to it’s potential. WAWH urges the Administration and Legislators to work together to create an Exchange that protect the interests of all Wisconsinites. Our full principles can be viewed HERE, below is a summary:

1)     An Exchange structured to support the best interests of women and families in Wisconsin.

2)     One statewide Exchange for all. Only through a strong statewide exchange can we provide affordable comprehensive coverage and access to care for all.

3)     An Exchange that offers quality and affordable benefits packages.

4)     An Exchange that is easy to navigate. Good consumer information and representation will ensure maximum enrollment and improve everyone’s health care outcomes.

5)     An Exchange that builds on the success of Wisconsin’s public programs. Building on existing public programs and providing a new public option will give consumers a real alternative to private insurance plans.

6)     An Exchange that supports the principles of health equity. Health coverage should promote equity based on race, ethnicity, gender, disability, language, sexual orientation and gender identity, and immigration status. Access to reproductive health coverage, including abortions, must be protected.

The ACA’s Health Insurance Exchange has the potential to drastically improve the lives of Wisconsin’s Women.  42 percent of Wisconsin’s 170,000 uninsured adult women will qualify for federal health subsidies to help them but private coverage through the exchange beginning in 2014, according to analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation.  In addition to this, 49 percent of our state’s uninsured adult women will qualify for the expanded Medicaid program that the ACA will institute beginning in 2014.

Our principles are not only for our legislative leaders to use – they are also available to you!  Please use them to talk to your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and any person you may be standing next to in the line at the grocery store, so that you, highly informed and motivated advocate, can help spread the word about how important healthcare is to everybody, how a strong Exchange will help us to move forward on that path, and how important each and every one of us can be in its future.



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