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ACA in Wisconsin, Healthcare in Wisconsin

What can YOU do to keep Wisconsinites Insured and Healthy?

On Monday of this week a large coalition of Health Care advocates sat down to meet with Secretary of Health Services Dennis Smith, Deputy Secretary of Health Services Kitty Rhodes, and a number of other higher ups within the Department.  This meeting was spent discussing both the future of the BadgerCare system and how DHS planned to handle the creation of Wisconsin’s Health Insurance Exchange.  The meeting exceeded our expectations in many ways, mostly in Secretary Smith’s willingness and excitement to be accessible to his newfound constituency.

A self-proclaimed ‘life-long public servant’ Smith has no interest in remaining “locked up away from the people he serves in an Ivory Tower”.  While as an unelected official, Smith has no official constituency, he expressed repeatedly how interested he is in being accessible to the approximately 776,000 people on BadgerCare that he serves.  Citing himself as a person who took a major reduction in pay grade in order to a job he felt mattered greatly, Smith claimed helping people to be his motivation.

Given this, we believe it is our duty as health minded Wisconsinites to give Secretary Smith a hand in reaching out to Wisconsin’s voices.  One person cannot expected to reach out to an appropriate number of people before making 467 million dollars in cuts.  In order to lighten the monumental load of 467 million dollars in cuts we should make our stories, our questions, and our concerns more readily available to the Secretary and every person connected to this BadgerCare at DHS.

If you have questions concerning changes to BadgerCare, comments on services you feel are essential to the health of Wisconsin, or simply want your voice to be part of the discussion please contact DHS at (608) 266-1865, or by email at



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