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Win for Women! The Institute of Medicine Moves Us One Step Closer to Recognizing that Contraception IS Prevention in Health Care Reform.

Today, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released their report on “Clinical Preventative Services for Women” sharing the sentiment of an overwhelming majority of Americans, that contraception is prevention. In fact, recent polling shows that 84% of Americans view family planning, including contraception, as important to basic preventative health care services. After thoroughly reviewing the evidence, the IOM’s committee of experts found sufficient evidence to support eight recommendations about services that should be added to the preventative care for women promoted by the Affordable Care Act. This would mean that the recommended services would be fully covered by all health plans, without a co-pay.

The Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health celebrates this victory for women, and is pleased that a number of other important women’s health services are included in the recommendations, including: counseling on sexually transmitted infections, counseling and screening for HIV, comprehensive lactation support and counseling, screening and counseling for interpersonal and domestic violence, and at least one well-woman visit annually.

Including these expert recommendations in the final Health and Human Services (HHS) regulations will ensure that women in Wisconsin get the preventative care they need, with no financial barriers.

To sign our petition to HHS, through the Raising Women’s Voices campaign, please click here.

Update: In the IOM briefing on the recommendations this morning, Cindy Pearson, Co-Founder of the National Raising Women’s Voices campaign, asked the IOM committee of experts a question about why the press is reporting that contraception is a controversial part of these recommendations, and whether the science and evidence behind contraception’s effectiveness is controversial. Listen to her question and the panel’s answer here.

The WAWH press release on the IOM recommendations is here.




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