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National Women’s Law Center Washington, D.C. Conference: State of Women

Last week, the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health had the privilege of joining healthcare advocates from ten states in Washington, D.C. The State of Women conference, hosted by the National Women’s Law Center, provided their state partners with an opportunity to learn and discuss the importance of the Affordable Care Act and healthcare exchanges – which, in some states, have already begun to see their first steps.

Topics were discussed from the wide range of ways that women all over the country will benefit from improvements made to healthcare insurance and coverage. These improvements will positively impact women’s health by increasing coverage – up to 8.2 million in just over a year from now (2014) – for low-income women, and increase ways for women-owned small business to provide health insurance.

Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health on their way to the Executive Office Building

Attendees of the conference also had the opportunity to visit the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (see photo above) for a meeting with several representatives from the White House Council on Women and Girls, including Executive Director of the Council, Tina Tchen, as well as staff from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Best of all, the State of Women conference reminded advocates like the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health why women benefit from these new benefits:

  • Protections– Women will benefit from increased protections such as no more pre-existing condition denials
  • Prevention– Women will benefit from a well- women approach to healthcare, that is, access to preventative screenings, like mammograms, with no co-pays
  • No more discrimination against women! Women will benefit from having an equal cost of coverage as men for the same plan

With over 10% of Wisconsin women currently uninsured – 63% of which are currently employed – these benefits show just some of the ways that Wisconsin women win with access to affordable and quality healthcare.



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