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Your Bottom Line: What Health Care Reform Means for Women-owned Small Businesses in Wisconsin Webinar

Today, the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health (WAWH) along with Small Business Majority is providing small business owners in Wisconsin an informative webinar highlighting some “wins” from health care reform for women who own small business. To join at 11AM, register here.

You might remember when we blogged about small businesses and health reform in December during our “12 Gift of the ACA” series. Today, we provide women in Wisconsin a tailored approach on how health reform can help them and their employees.

Topics included in the webinar are:

  • Small business tax credits— who’s eligible for them and how to claim them
  • State insurance exchanges
  • High-risk pools
  • Shared responsibility
  • Cost containment
  • Tools and resources available for small businesses interested in learning more about the law.

Only 41% of Wisconsin businesses with fewer than 50 employees report that they offer their employees health coverage and 68% of uninsured Wisconsinites are currently employed – making health reform more important than ever in our state. One of the most significant reforms to the insurance market – that will provide cost-savings to small businesses that are primarily staffed by women – is the ban on gender discrimination in premium charges. Traditionally, women have paid more than men for the same type of health plan – changing this practice will provide lower costs and better quality health care to many women who own or work for a small business in Wisconsin.

A special thanks to Outreach Manager, Jessica Stone, with the Small Business Majority for coordinating and sharing her knowledge and expertise in health care reform and the small business provisions of the law. If you can’t make the webinar, but would like more information on small businesses and health care reform, click here.



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