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ACA: Basics

Tools and Videos: Fun Ways to Learn About the New Health Care Law

As health care reform implementation progresses, there have been a number of fun videos and other tools to help the “everyday person” get a hand on this complicated – and important – piece of policy. We trust that our readers not only enjoy the topics and information we present, but also share those topics with others. So we have developed a one-spot inventory to go – for when you need and want to share resources!

Health care reform affects a variety of individuals in a wide-range of life situations. That’s why we love this tool; it allows you to click on characters that fit your unique situation to see how health care reform will affect that character. Click here, to select a character that closely represents you! Then, share it with others who might enjoy this tool!

This YouTube video easily explains the new health care law. Click here to watch the video. Click here, for the version in Spanish.

Ok, you understand the law – but want to know more about the health insurance exchanges. Well, there’s a video for that too, just click, here.

Health care reform is a women’s issue! What’s in the law for women? Click, here to find out. You can also learn how the law will impact the lives of women who are expecting a child, here.

Want to know about the successes of health care reform or more on the personal responsibility clause – also known as the individual mandate? You can hear Jonathan Gruber’s explanation on both, by watching this video.

Still confused by health care reform “lingo” – watch the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s “Video Vocab” series.

We trust that our followers support meaningful implementation of health care reform. But, how do we get our friends and colleagues on board? This is a great video to share with health care reform skeptics, click here to watch.

Less watching, more reading? We can provide you that too! Click to view this brochure, The Affordable Care Act – What it Means for You. Also, available in Spanish.

Ok, you have a feel for how health care reform works – view this timeline on to know what changes are going to happen and when!

Completed the videos? Now, test your knowledge on health care reform with this quiz!

For even more information, you can visit


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