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Another Win for 791,000 Wisconsin Women

Recently, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reported that a new consumer protection in health care has helped more than 105 million Americans.  A protection that prohibits lifetime limits on coverage in health plans.

Of the 105 million, almost 40 million are adult women across the United States. This comes as great news to Wisconsin women, too – 791,000 women in Wisconsin now enjoy improved coverage by having no lifetime limits in their health plans!

In a recent White House Blog, author Jeanne Lambrew told the story of an Iowa woman who came down with a rare fungal infection.  The woman, Amy Ward, also faced a $1 million lifetime limit on her health coverage, prior to health care reform’s ban on this practice. Sound like a lot? Amy had to have expensive doses of antifungal agents – as much a $1,600 per dose – and was on both ventilators and dialysis.

Lifetime limits on coverage, a once common practice in the insurance industry, has been banned – thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Amy’s expenses were quick to accumulate, but she was able to receive all of the treatments she needed in order to recover without worrying about meeting the limit on her coverage.

We are glad to report that so many women are able to enjoy this consumer protection, and we look forward to more women enjoying other protections that are still being implemented. A yearly limit on coverage – that is also being phased out – is another similar consumer protection.

Are you one of the 791,000 Wisconsin women who now have no lifetime limit to coverage thanks to health care reform? We want to hear from you! Share your story, here


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