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The Last Two Years: Health Care Reform Continues to be the Right Choice for Wisconsin Women

This week, groups across the country are celebrating the two year anniversary of the health care reform law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – signed on March 23rd. Each day this week will highlight specific benefits and populations that will be positively impacted by this historic legislation. Today’s theme – benefits for women – is held dear to the Raising Wisconsin Women’s Voices blog, as it highlights the incredible victory for women – two years and counting.

In fact, two years marks just the beginning of the Obama Administration’s progress towards ensuring and enhancing coverage for women and their families.  Today we celebrate that, under the ACA, women will no longer be charged more for the same plans as men, will no longer be denied coverage because they have had a C-section or other “preexisting condition.” As the timeline towards full ACA implementation continues, we expect to continue to see women in Wisconsin benefit from health care reform.

We have worked hard to keep all of our followers up-to-date with the benefits that Wisconsin women receive with health care reform. Earlier this month, we shared with you the 791,000 Wisconsin women who no longer have lifetime limits to coverage, thanks to the ACA.  We have shared tools and videos to help raise awareness and support for the ACA. And we have even shared less known provisions of the ACA – such as the right to adequate time and space to express breast milk in the workplace. Major improvements to health care, such as these, are just some of what we have seen in the last two years. And soon, the new health insurance exchanges will provide Wisconsinites with access to affordable, high-quality coverage

Unfortunately, others in Wisconsin have not worked as hard to realize the benefits that Women receive with health care reform. In fact, the Walker Administration refuses to move forth with health care reform implementation at all, and has gone so far as to return federal dollars to implement a Wisconsin-specific insurance exchange.

Two years is a huge landmark for health care reform, but the ACA is at risk from opponents who are fighting to roll back its many benefits. We can’t let them. On behalf of women in Wisconsin we urge our lawmakers and the Supreme Court: Protect our health care. Protect the health care law.



2 thoughts on “The Last Two Years: Health Care Reform Continues to be the Right Choice for Wisconsin Women

  1. Two years is a huge landmark I must agree.

    Posted by Individual Health Insurance | June 15, 2012, 10:31 am


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