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MamaCare – More than a Law, Something to Celebrate this Mother’s Day

National Women’s Health Week is May 13th (Mother’s Day) through May 19th. Join us all week as we celebrate women’s health and health care reform!

Scraped knees, broken hearts – moms are there to fix it all, and to make sure that we are taken care of. Because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), 1.2 million moms (and dads, too) were able to ensure their child’s protection by adding them on to their health plans.Thankfully, the ACA is giving us a way to return the favor – and ensure our moms will have an opportunity to take care of themselves and our families. Today, we celebrate MamaCare – affordable, accessible health care for moms and families through health care reform.

How is MamaCare already protecting moms and families?

  • By providing access to free preventive care, such as immunizations, mammograms, vision and hearing screenings for kids, and anemia screenings during pregnancy.
  • By providing easy-access OB/GYN coverage without requiring a referral.
  • Plus, your insurance company can longer kick you off your insurance plan – or cap the amount of care you can receive – when you, a child or a spouse get sick. The ACA also protects children from being denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition (everyone will be protected in 2014!)

In August 2012, MamaCare will help moms and families obtain more coverage and protections:

  • Contraception and contraceptive counseling
  • Access to breastfeeding equipment and counseling services
  • Well-women visits
  • Screening for gestational diabetes

In January 2014, MamaCare will bring more options to moms and families:

  • New insurance marketplaces (exchanges) will be up and running in each state. This means that families will be able to shop around, compare prices and benefits and choose the best plan for their family. Low income individuals and families will be able to enroll in Medicaid and moderate-income – up to 400 percent of poverty level (just over $76,000 annually for a family of three) – families will be able for scaled tax credits to help pay their premiums
  • Essential Health Benefits (EHB) will require insurance plans to offer coverage for certain “essential” health care services. One key essential health service is maternity care, which 87 percent of plans in the individual insurance market didn’t cover. Although the EHB package has not been finalized in Wisconsin, keep checking our blog for more information!


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