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Women’s Health Policy Summit – Update

Today is the fourth day we are celebrating National Women’s Health Week! Thank you for checking back today for an update on our 2012 Wisconsin Women’s Health Policy Summit. Continue to join us this week as we celebrate National Women’s Health Week!

As you know, yesterday, May 15th, was the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health (WAWH)’s third annual Wisconsin Women’s Health Policy Summit (WWHPS). As with prior years, the event was an effort to collectively raise the status of women’s health in the state of Wisconsin.

Throughout the day, advocates, policy makers, health care providers, patients, survivors, educators, and students to learned about the current climate surrounding women’s health policy in Wisconsin and about opportunities to advocate for Wisconsin women’s health, safety and economic security.

Highlights for the WWHPS this year included a welcoming address from Karen Timberlake from the UW Population Institute, as well as keynote Speakers Judy Waxman from the National Women’s Law Center who presented on “How Wisconsin Women are Winning with the Affordable Care Act” and Beth Black from Act3 Organizational Collaborators who provided a skill-building presentation on “Harnessing the Power of Stories to Promote Change”.  In addition, panels throughout the day addressed such issues and concerns as: the role of partners in women’s health, women’s health care disparities, and the importance of young women’s health in Wisconsin.

Attendees of the third annual WWHPS were given additional take-home tools to enhance their ability to support women’s health in Wisconsin. This included a copy of the “State of Wisconsin Women’s Health 2012” fact sheet, the “2011-13 Wisconsin State Budget Impact on Wisconsin Women and Girls” report  and the new “2012 Wisconsin Women’s Health Supporter Voter Guide”. The Voter Guide is a noteworthy tool that can be useful for those, like yourself, wanting to choose candidates that will support and advance women’s health in the state.

Overall, the WWHPS 2012 was a great success. The WAWH would like to thank our attendees and our sponsors for taking part in raising women’s health status in Wisconsin. If you were unable to attend, you can find video footage – courtesy of Wisconsin Eye – by linking, here.   




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