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Wrap-Up: National Women’s Health Week

This week, to celebrate National Women’s Health Week, we have been sharing with you important ways the Affordable Care Act is helping women achieve better health outcomes in Wisconsin. There has been a lot of activity this week, and we want to share with you a couple of important take-a-ways.

We love the ACA, MamaCare – and all the other great ways you can describe it. Reforms to our health care system make it easier for women to get preventive care, accessible care and affordable care. However, because women are often confronted with complex challenges including child and elder care responsibilities and increased demands at work and at home, health care often becomes second priority…or third…or fourth.

So, for our wrap-up remarks for this week, we would like to remind everyone to put your health first, take charge and take action!

Put your health first: Remember to visit your doctor regularly for check-ups – don’t put off care until after you get sick. Thanks to the ACA, this is becoming a reality for many women. In fact, starting in August 2012 plans will be required to cover a robust list of preventive care, with no financial barriers. Click here for a list of recommended screenings.

Take charge: One way to prevent adverse health outcomes, like heart disease and diabetes, is to take charge of what you are eating. Limit foods that have high sodium, added sugar, trans fat and saturated fat. What is high? What is low? Click here, to learn how to read a food labels and make informed decisions when purchasing food.

Take action, literally: Physically activity is important – but you probably already knew that. Here are some things to remember: some activity is better than no activity – take stairs instead of elevators, or park in the farthest parking space at the mall and remember there are plenty of creative ways you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine – click here for suggestions (you can also find suggestions for healthy activity for individuals with disabilities).

With continued implementation of the ACA, preventive screenings will allow women to put their health first, and with diet and exercise counseling for individuals at risk of adverse health outcomes, the ACA is allowing more women to take charge and take action with some extra guidance. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Wisconsin Women Win with Health Care Reform!



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