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5 Questions to Ask Yourself, Before June 5th – Question 5: Why does my vote matter on June 5th?

We all have something at stake when it comes to health care reform implementation, or lack thereof – and we all have a voice through our vote. Our 5 day blog series, “5 Questions to Ask Yourself, Before June 5th” is an opportunity for you to learn and share what the upcoming election means for health care reform implementation and women’s health in Wisconsin. Wisconsin women need leaders and policymakers who are on board with giving women and their families more affordable and accessible health care options and choices. Voting is one of the most important ways you can raise your voice for women’s health. If you need more information on where to vote or how to register, visit

Your voice matters because Wisconsin women need meaningful reform. Meaningful reform means more coverage options that are affordable, accessible and robust.

Your voice matters because, Wisconsin leaders need to know that missing important opportunities to be “ahead of the game” with reform implementation – like returning millions in federal implementation grants – is not acceptable.

Your voice matters because, Wisconsin leaders need to know that women should not be discriminated against just because they are a woman. They and their children should be able to receive coverage regardless of their pre-existing condition.

Your voice matters because, Wisconsin families now have fewer options and increased costs for safety-net programs, like BadgerCare.

Your voice matters because, the provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are meant to be a floor, not a ceiling. Reducing state requirements that Wisconsin already had in place (like young adults being able to remain on their parent’s plan until age 27) to be in compliance with the ACA requirements (age 26), is not necessary.

Your voice matters because, Wisconsin’s middle-class needs an option for health care coverage – through insurance Exchanges.

We all have a voice. We all have a vote. Your vote matters. Wisconsin women need meaningful health care reform implementation, now!

For more on voting and records of legislators, check out our ASK. LEARN. VOTE! campaign. 



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