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It’s Time to Think About Enrollment!

There are only 2 ½ months until the Marketplace opens in Wisconsin, and stakeholders are taking action to make sure that the uninsured have enough information to get enrolled this year.  There are about 500,000 uninsured in our state alone, and state officials have set a steep goal – enrolling half of those individuals – by the year’s end.  That’s in addition to transferring 90,000 parents from BadgerCare to the Marketplace, and enrolling 85,000 newly eligible childless adults in BadgerCare.  If stakeholders don’t get a large enough proportion enrolled, it is likely that hospitals will face even higher uncompensated care costs.

For that reason, hospitals, the WI Department of Health Services (DHS), and many other stakeholder groups are focusing on enrollment. DHS is spearheading new “regional enrollment networks.” See the overview presentation from their launch, and get involved in your region by connecting with the DHS lead through a survey. The Wisconsin Hospital Association has launched an Enrollment Action Council to provide leadership for members and patients enrollment into health insurance options. We will continue to keep women’s health stakeholders informed and resourced!

Health Care Reform Resources

In addition to national-level resources to help understand health care reform, insurance groups in Wisconsin are trying to help their consumers understand what the Affordable Care Act and the Marketplace means for them.  The following websites are valuable sources of information on the ACA:


HealthCare.Gov (where individuals will be able to enroll in October)

Marketplace.CMS.Gov (a resource for navigators and professionals helping individuals apply for insurance)

Enroll America: Where Are the Uninsured? (maps by state)



Humana: Navigating the Changing Landscape of HealthCare

Physicians Plus: Making Sense of HealthCare Reform

Walgreens & Blue Cross Blue Shield Partnership

Wisconsin Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan

Wisconsin Physicians Service (WPS) Health Insurance

United Health Care: United for Reform Resource Center

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