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Kaiser just recently published a report showing that 9 out of 10 of the uninsured citizens in the US are unaware of the next open enrollment date! In addition, they say that 2/3 of the uninsured know “little” to “nothing at all” about the Health Insurance Marketplace. Check out this article for more details.

This study shows that our current Marketplace outreach efforts are not reaching the people who may need it the most. The demographic of the uninsured is mostly low income, working families making a family income of less than $30,000/year. People who have their own independent businesses and/or people who work for small businesses are also a large group of the uninsured.

So our greatest challenge becomes – how do we reach these people?
Word-of-mouth is a good start! Any chance you get, bring up and create an echo chamber about the upcoming enrollment in the Marketplace starting November 15th. Have that “did you know” conversation with your friends and family – you never know who is being left uninsured.

Facebook and twitter are not only tools for keeping in touch, but also tools for education and outreach. Post a status update on Marketplace Enrollment, share a link, anything to help get the word out.

Here’s an example post, feel free to use!

“Healthy women, healthy families. Find out how to #GetCovered. Take the pledge here to #SpreadTheWord.”

And just a reminder for those who enrolled in the Marketplace last year: it has been advised to make sure to look at the Marketplace and how your plan will be changed in the upcoming year. Some plans may be going up in price and others may be increasing the amount of copayments you pay so make sure that you want to stick with your plan.

Here’s a quick video that is a good recap on The Marketplace.

There is only 2 days until open enrollment in The Marketplace! Together we can help to spread the world to help reach more of the uninsured.




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Enrollment ClosesFebruary 15th, 2015
Plenty of time to Get Covered
Learn about the Health Insurance Marketplace & your new coverage options.

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