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Midterm Elections Prove Wisconsinites Want Medicaid Expansion

It’s been almost a month since the midterm elections and I’m still very perplexed at the outcome. Despite numerous articles showing that Wisconsin voters in support of women’s health, choice and Medicaid expansion – they voted to re-elect Governor Scott Walker who has not had the strongest record of siding with these issue areas.


  • 86% of voters said women’s health issues are important to who they chose,
  • 78% believe the government shouldn’t restrict abortion access
  • 73% voted to expand Medicaid

Yet again with 52% of Wisconsin voters re-electing Walker, these areas of importance may be more vulnerable than ever.

What does this mean for the people of Wisconsin? It means voters can’t just show up on election day, they now need to be willing to speak up and take action other days of the year to remind Governor Walker of the what’s important to them and their families. Particularly, Wisconsin voters need to be making calls and sending emails to Governor Walker asking him to expand and strengthen Medicaid in our state.

The truth is, with Walker’s previous decision to not expand Medicaid, there are many people in Wisconsin who are left uninsured. This is a result of Walker expanding Medicaid to include more poor, childless adults, but canceling Medicaid for many people who were above the FPL. These people who have been kicked off Medicaid must get insurance through The Marketplace, but many don’t qualify for enough subsidies to make it affordable for them. Check out this article to explain more of what non-expansion means for our state.

For the 73% of voters who voted to expand Medicaid and ensure Wisconsinites are not falling through the coverage gaps, please consider calling (608-266-1212) or email ( Governor Walker and ask him to “Expand Medicaid in 2015!”


After you’ve helped to push Wisconsin closer to Medicaid Expansion, don’t forget about enrollment in The Marketplace!

There are 76 days until open enrollment closes! Kaiser put out a great collection of resources for people looking to get insured, check them out!

  • An updated consumer resource page
  • Marketplace insurance calculator
  • The YouToons Health Insurance Explained video
  • FAQ
  • Health Insurance Quiz
  • Insurance for people with HIV info


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