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King v Burwell: What is at Stake?

The ACA has benefited so many people, helping to get more (11.4 million specifically) of America covered with health insurance, yet the attacks on this health care reform law continue. The latest: the King vs Burwell case. This case is focused on the tax credits low-income people and families receive from the IRS to help afford health insurance. It is being argued that due to the specific wording of the ACA, states that did not set up their own State Based Marketplace and thus are federally run, should not be able to receive tax credits. Yet this argument seems a little captious; the ACA was created to help more people have access to health insurance, so I don’t think that they would have wanted the millions who are receiving tax credits in federally run marketplace states to not be able to afford the insurance anymore. It is just another tactic to try to attack and dismantle the ACA.

Of the 11.4 million who have enrolled in the Marketplace, 80% of these people are getting tax credit help. In all, there are 7 million women who are eligible for tax credits and are at risk of loosing them in federally run states like Wisconsin

Of the 3 million women that enrolled in federally run Marketplace in 2014, think about the negative consequences that taking away their essential tax credits and their ability to afford quality health care coverage would have! The ACA was designed to provide a way for all women to have access to non-discriminatory health insurance that is accessible, affordable, and preventative. The ACA has helped this country to take great strides towards better health care for all of its people and this court case could cause a major backslide.

It’s important to note that until the Supreme Court decides on this case this summer, all people who have insurance through the Marketplace will be unaffected and will continue to have coverage and subsidies. You can continue to use your insurance as you normally would.

For more information on what’s at stake in this Supreme Court case, link to:



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