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Pregnancy & The ACA

The ACA has done many amazing things for women and their families, but there is one major problem that is getting lots of attention: when a woman gets pregnant she is qualified to enroll in The Marketplace under the special enrollment period -but only when her baby is born. This leaves the mother responsible for … Continue reading

The Lowdown on Special Enrollment Periods

Some of you may be getting an abundance of emails saying, “You may qualify for the special enrollment period, find out today!” This is the blog to break down what those are, what they mean, and if you really do qualify! A special enrollment period is a time outside of the specified time to enroll … Continue reading

King v Burwell: What is at Stake?

The ACA has benefited so many people, helping to get more (11.4 million specifically) of America covered with health insurance, yet the attacks on this health care reform law continue. The latest: the King vs Burwell case. This case is focused on the tax credits low-income people and families receive from the IRS to help … Continue reading

AB 227: Another Thinly-Veiled Attempt to Deny Access to Women’s Health Care

“There are few times where we dictate what medical care should be.” -Representative Kolste “We have the state dictating the physician’s words.” -Representative Pasch  Assembly Bill 227 (and its counterpart in the Senate) is just one more bill in a line of women’s health legislation that has been pushed through the state legislature this week … Continue reading

“It’s not a 401(k) or free coffee on Fridays.”

Contraception should not be an optional benefit for women.  Access to affordable (with no co-pay) contraception in health insurance is mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and while a woman having control over her own reproduction may seem to many as a right owed to any autonomous being, this right is still being disputed … Continue reading

Enrolling in ObamaCare in Wisconsin: Part 1

It’s been three years since President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, and a year since the Supreme Court upheld its constitutionality.  We’re finally preparing for enrollment in the Marketplace, and it’s coming with a unique set of challenges in Wisconsin. Challenge #1: Too many people don’t know what the ACA is, or … Continue reading

Number of uninsured Americans drops, but will Wisconsin’s rates rise?

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, and CHIP, the number of uninsured Americans dropped! Even as the country continues to feel the effects of the recession (which officially ended in 2009), the number of uninsured Americans dropped by 1.2 million in 2011, the last year for which Census data is available.  According to the … Continue reading

Census Bureau Data Highlights ACA Win, and More Work to be Done

Poverty data released last week by the US Census Bureau, through the American Community Survey (ACS), highlights the lingering impact the recession is having on low-income women, and the need for family support programs to help raise women out of poverty. We know that poverty has a direct impact on the health of women and … Continue reading

Health Care Reform Financially: Investing and Strengthening Wisconsin Communities

Did you know that, on top of all the benefits and protections, the new health care reform law also invests to strengthen communities across the country? This investment is providing women of all ages, demographics and communities throughout  Wisconsin access to more services, education and programs to help make our communities stronger and healthier. Some of … Continue reading

Wisconsin Women Cannot Go Back: Scott Walker Agrees, Sort-of

Women in Wisconsin haven’t been holding their breath for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to jump on board with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – after all, he did sign on to a lawsuit against it. However, even if Governor Walker does not support the ACA, at a jobs summit in Washington D.C. this week, when … Continue reading

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