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The State of Women’s Health Insurance

The Kaiser Family Foundation recently released an updated fact sheet on the state of women’s health insurance coverage in the US. Women who receive health insurance (80% of the population) get coverage from six different sources, with the highest (34%) using employer-based insurance in their own name and 23% using employer-based coverage as a dependent. However, the employer-based … Continue reading

Census Bureau Data Highlights ACA Win, and More Work to be Done

Poverty data released last week by the US Census Bureau, through the American Community Survey (ACS), highlights the lingering impact the recession is having on low-income women, and the need for family support programs to help raise women out of poverty. We know that poverty has a direct impact on the health of women and … Continue reading

Happy Women’s Equality Day!

On this day, in 1920, women gained the long-due right to vote. Today, Wisconsin women and women across the nation can celebrate another victory – equality in our health care system. Traditionally, women have been treated inequitably by insurance companies. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the new health care law, unequal treatment of … Continue reading

LGBTQ Pride Month: How Health Care Reform Benefits the LGBTQ Community

There is much to celebrate this June during LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning) Pride Month. First, recent polling shows that American’s have a more positive attitude toward same-sex marriage and sexual orientation with the majority of American’s saying they support same-sex marriage. Secondly, health care reform, under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is helping … Continue reading

Wrap-Up: National Women’s Health Week

This week, to celebrate National Women’s Health Week, we have been sharing with you important ways the Affordable Care Act is helping women achieve better health outcomes in Wisconsin. There has been a lot of activity this week, and we want to share with you a couple of important take-a-ways. We love the ACA, MamaCare … Continue reading

Giving Women More Protections: HPV Prevention and Health Reform

Today is the fifth day we are celebrating National Women’s Health Week! Today we will discuss the importance of health reform and HPV vaccinations for women – in an effort to eliminate cervical cancer. Continue to join us this week as we celebrate National Women’s Health Week! For women in the United States, just a … Continue reading

Women’s Health Policy Summit – Update

Today is the fourth day we are celebrating National Women’s Health Week! Thank you for checking back today for an update on our 2012 Wisconsin Women’s Health Policy Summit. Continue to join us this week as we celebrate National Women’s Health Week! As you know, yesterday, May 15th, was the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health … Continue reading

National Women’s Health Week and the LGBTQ Community: ACA, Reaching all Women

Today is the third day we are celebrating National Women’s Health Week! It is important to understand the importance the law has on women in the LGBTQ community – an issue we will take up today.  Continue to join us this week as we celebrate National Women’s Health Week! Throughout this week – and if … Continue reading

MamaCare – More than a Law, Something to Celebrate this Mother’s Day

National Women’s Health Week is May 13th (Mother’s Day) through May 19th. Join us all week as we celebrate women’s health and health care reform! Scraped knees, broken hearts – moms are there to fix it all, and to make sure that we are taken care of. Because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), 1.2 … Continue reading

April is National Minority Health Month

In recognition of National Minority Health Month the Raising Wisconsin Women’s Voices blog would like to pay health care reform its due thanks for taking much needed steps in the right direction to ending disparities in health care. Racial and ethnic minorities face barriers in accessing health care, have more adverse health outcomes compared to … Continue reading

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